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Are you looking for a thought provoking presenter for your event, workshop, or conference?  Do you need an dynamic and articulate guest speaker for your vlog, podcast, or radio program?  Or are you looking for a pro-life candidate for an abortion debate?
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Kristine Kruszelnicki

Kristine Kruszelnicki

Kristine Kruszelnicki

Pro-LifeHumanist’s Executive Director Kristine Kruszelnicki is a passionate advocate for fetal rights and has been involved with the pro-life movement since 1996.   Her speaking audiences have included high schools, youth groups, pro-life conferences and large youth rallies of more than 2000 young people, as well as secular meetups, and a host of online presentations.

Kristine delights in bringing the secular case for fetal rights to the most hostile of audiences: the predominantly pro-choice atheist community.   Every year she attends several Atheist conventions with the intent of having face-to-face relational dialogue with pro-choice atheists, patiently changing many minds in the process.  She has even dared interact with famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Penn Jillette and many more!

Her first formal debate, against Atheist Experience’ Matt Dillahunty, has now been seen by nearly 130,000 youtube viewers.   She also engaged in an informal debate on the Atheistically Speaking  podcast with Thomas Smith, and her defence of the secular case against abortion was featured on Hemant Mehta’s very well-read Friendly Atheist blog.

Kristine has been interviewed for a number of documentaries and TV segments, with featured appearances in atheist Scott Burdick’s “In Reason We Trust“, and John Morales’ acclaimed pro-life documentary “40” (The 40 Film).

Kristine has the ability to engage with large or small audiences, and does not shy away from audiences that are hostile to pro-life ideals.  Pro-life audiences appreciate Kristine’s articulate and well-grounded presentations, which make complex pro-life arguments accessible and memorable to all.   Pro-choice audiences find Kristine’s calm and rational presentation to be fairly argued.  Ideological opponents are treated with respect that fosters much needed common ground.