The secular case against abortion is sound and we want every atheist and humanist to hear it!

That’s why we are determined to purchase exhibitor space at as many atheist and humanist conventions as we can! Every time we set up a pro-life display table, we provide an opportunity for hundreds of pro-choice non-theists to receive accurate information about the preborn, and to dialog amicably with trained pro-life apologists, equipped to answer the toughest of pro-choice arguments.

We’re changing minds! Pro-Life Humanists attended five secular conferences in 2015, as well as several smaller local events.  At each of these events we’ve seen pro-choice individuals become pro-life, and many others admit that they would give the issue some more thought!  Most prominent atheist bloggers and public speakers are pro-choice, so it is essential that our pro-life voice be heard by the many young people who have recently left church and are still forming their new values and beliefs!  Will you help us reach them?

A weekend’s exhibitor table space and the cost of sending at least one trained representative to reach hundreds of secular young adults costs approximately $1200 per event. Will you help us ensure that we can attend and change minds at another five events this year?  Your donation of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $500 will go entirely toward the cost of display materials and table space at key events in 2016.

Three ways to contribute:

1. Online contributions can be made here. (Funds are received in Canadian currency. Please adjust your donation accordingly.)
2. (Within Canada) Funds may be sent via email transfer to: donate[[at]]
3. Cheques can be made out to Pro-Life Humanists and sent to 541 Parker Street, Gatineau, Quebec, J9H 4S3  CANADA

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“I live down the street from an abortion clinic and I see those pro-life people picketing all the time.  I’ve never bothered to stop to talk to them cause I know they’re religious and so I can’t take them seriously.  But I have to at least hear you out – because you’re one of us!
~Pro-choice atheist at American Humanist Convention 2013;  New Orleans, LA


“I don’t have a response to [your series of pro-life arguments] so I guess you’ve changed my mind.”
~ Pro-choice atheist at Apostacon 2015; Dallas, TX


“I’ve never heard an argument against abortion that wasn’t religious.  This is the first time in over a decade that I’ve had any reason to rethink my position on abortion.”
~ Pro-choice atheist student at American Humanist Convention 2015; Denver, CO