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Leap Year: 50/50 Draw & Prolife Movie Draw!!!

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 1 comment

Raffle Ticket - Pro-Life Humanists 50/50

To celebrate the day which comes but once every four years, Pro-Life Humanists is holding a 50/50 draw! Better still, WE’RE HOLDING TWO DRAWS!!   One for 50% of the raffle funds, and one for a pro-life movie!

Simply select below to decide how many tickets you’d like to purchase. $5.00 will get you in the draw with three chances to win. For $10.00 you’ll get even better value with ten chances to win. And for $25.00 you’ll get a zippy THIRTY chances to win half of all the funds this raffle brings in!!

In lieu of paper stubs, once you’ve bought your tickets you will get a confirmation email with a picture of the tickets we’re putting into the raffle bowl on your behalf. On raffle day (March 7th, 2016), one 50/50 ticket will be selected from the bowl by a blindfolded individual (filmed for your viewing pleasure) and the ticket displayed on the blog and FB page. Match up the ticket to the ones in your pictures and 50% of the collected funds will be sent to you – yours to spend, gift or enjoy as you please!

And as I said, we’re holding TWO DRAWS just to make it even more exciting and increase your chances of winning. Anyone who buys at least $10 in tickets will be entered into a second draw to win a copy of your choice of pro-life movie (Juno, Precious or October Baby)

Funds raised go to the educational pro-life outreach work of Pro-Life Humanists.  Thank you for helping us reach pro-choice secularists and change many minds!

Deadline for purchasing tickets is Sunday March 6th, Midnight Pacific Time.

Select Your Chances:

Make check out to Pro-Life Humanists
541 Parker Street
Gatineau, Quebec
J9H 4S3

Raffle Tickets 50/50 Draw Pro-Life Humanists

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You Are Cordially Invited to STAY HOME!

You Are Cordially Invited to STAY HOME!

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 0 comments

Classic facial expression of Kevin from Home Alone movie
Not another charity fund-raiser???!   Well here’s a Christmas Ball that you don’t have to attend!  In fact, we want you to stay home (or go do your last-minute Christmas shopping) – guilt-free!

We know that as much as you may want to support your favourite non-profits at this time of year, it can be a real chore to attend a special function!  If means taking a night off from other activities, finding the perfect oufit to wear, ironing it or taking it to the cleaners, driving or busing to the function and hoping you beat traffic to arrive on time for the special music (and this is especially challenging if you and your fellow members live in different states and/or countries!) and if you have kids you need to hire a sitter and worry about their transportation also!   Besides, hundreds of dollars may be spent renting a hall, buying the food, and paying for  all the pretty decorations – wouldn’t you rather see your money support the outreach work of the organization?

Pro-Life Humanists has the ultimate solution – our Stay Home Christmas Ball!  For the bargain price of $15 (ticket options available for those who are or who like to impersonate Bill Gates, as well as for students/limited income) you’ll receive a private link to a holiday playlist full of fun and zany songs, 3 holiday-themed recipes for you to enjoy wherever you are, and if you leave us your mailing address we’ll send you a lovely thank you gift just for taking part in our special holiday event!

UPDATE:  BY POPULAR REQUEST WE’VE ADDED A VIRTUAL PARTY VIA GOOGLE HANGOUTS!  Everyone who has a ticket to our Stay Home fundraiser will also be sent a link to our google hangout where we’ll have the chance to meet one another and connect with other likeminded pro-life humanists and friends!

Every dollar we receive will go toward ensuring that we can continue our valuable mind-changing work.   Every time Pro-Life Humanists sets up a pro-life display table at an atheist convention, we are flooded with people who are curious to hear the secular case against abortion.  At each event we see people change their minds after engaging in dialogue with us for a while, and who either become pro-life or who promise to give the matter some more thought!  We’re bringing pro-life into a world that is predominantly pro-choice and with your help, we hope to attend even more events this year!  Average table fees range from $400-$500, conference admission is around $300, and return airfare usually ballparks $700 (from Canada to the States).  We need to raise at least $1200-$1500 to be able to attend and change minds at an atheist conference.  Your Stay Home ticket will help us achieve our goal!

On December 19th, when you receive your special links, upload to the event page a selfie or family picture with a sign that says “I’m/We’re staying home (or whatever you’ve opted to do that evening) for Pro-Life Humanists!”   That way we can all be apart together!  🙂

Thanks for being part of our cyber-era Christmas/holiday party!  We hope you won’t attend along with us! 😀

Choose Your Ticket

Make check out to Pro-Life Humanists
541 Parker Street
Gatineau, Quebec
J9H 4S3
(let us know via email or FB so we can reserve you a non-spot)

Stay Home Christmas Ball graphic


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I Still Can’t Believe He Was Almost Aborted!

I Still Can’t Believe He Was Almost Aborted!

Posted by on Aug 29, 2015 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 0 comments

He’s the gift I never expected to receive at my age, and now I can’t imagine my life without him!  I still can’t believe he was almost aborted!  I mean look at him — can you imagine if I’d done that to him?
~ Noah’s mom with her 5 mth old baby

Noah and his Enamored Mom
People often ask me why I care so much about abortion.  After all, fetuses are small, probably not very sentient if at all, and is there really that much of a difference between having never been conceived vs going from the oblivion of early fetal existence to the oblivion of death?

I now have a new visual for my reply: His name is Noah.  Exactly one year ago this week, I met Noah’s mom while doing a public display on abortion with my friends at the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.  Prior to that meeting, Noah was still unknown to everyone but his parents, who were seriously considering abortion.  He was just a first trimester fetus with tiny little body parts and minimal consciousness at best, and he didn’t even have a name yet – all of which would’ve made it easy for a perhaps well-intentioned physician to have his body dismembered and his little life wiped out as thought it had never been.  But he had been, even back then.  And tiny and nameless though he was, those were still someone’s feet, someone’s legs, someone’s beating heart, and someone’s growing brain – yes, even someone’s male genitals for his future bodily pleasures.  And when I think of abortion or I see a photo of a dismembered fetus, I see someone like Noah.  Because abortion would’ve destroyed his body.

One year to the week when I first began encouraging Noah’s mom to not abort, I got to travel again to the downtown mall where I’d met her.  I had the privilege of holding in my arms the now five-month post-birth little boy  who’d unknowingly come so close to being decapitated, disemboweled, and dismembered in a first trimester suction abortion.  Noah’s Mom faced very real challenges when she conceived him.  But she worked hard with the help of others to kill the problems, rather than kill the boy.  I couldn’t be prouder of this brave woman – and be assured this little boy and any others I help save with pro-life work will always have me as an extra “Auntie”!

I can’t stay silent about abortion because it destroys actual growing bodies – just like Noah’s little body, which abortion came real close to destroying forever.  It dismembers the yet nameless Heathers and the Matthews and the Deshauns who have been conceived and and who now exist, and whose tiny bodies have begun what should have been lifelong development as human beings.  Little human bodies can’t be disregarded and destroyed just because they mess up the plans of the bigger human bodies.  Might may seem to make right, but I’m convinced that non-violent conflict resolution must be the path of a civilized society!

I gave Noah’s mom a Precious Feet pin this week, along with a souvenir footprint  kit so she can memorialize his baby feet as they are today.  Noah’s feet were about the size of that 10 week fetal feet pin when I met his mom one year ago.  We’re both thrilled she didn’t end the growth of those little feet, and that those same, now much bigger feet are still around to kick about the world!   We’ll keep fighting for the rest of your generation, Baby Noah, for they too deserve their futures.  Meanwhile, happy trails, wherever your precious feet take you!

 Five month old Noah's feet are much bigger now than they were at 10 weeks (like the pin) when he was almost aborted!


Noah Meme1



Donation button - Help us change minds & save lives within the Humanist community !


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Pro-Life Presence at American Atheist Convention 2015 Receives Fair Reception

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 0 comments


Pro-Life Humanists at American Atheist Convention! Memphis 2015

Pro-Life Humanists at American Atheist Convention! Memphis 2015

“I’m still very pro-choice but I’m glad that this is starting a conversation and introducing a new perspective to the secular movement.  Thank you!”

“I’ve been afraid to tell others that I’m pro-life.  Thank you so much for giving people like me a voice!  I’m ecstatic that you’re here!”

“I’m on the fence about abortion but it’s nice to hear a reasoned argument instead of religious chatter for a change!  You’ve made me think!”

The above comments represent just some of the feedback left in Pro-Life Humanists’ “Anonymous Comment Box” as we tabled this past weekend at the American Atheist Convention in Memphis, Tennessee.   Over the course of four days,  at least 150 pieces of PLH’s pro-life literature were handed out (including a new pamphlet on bodily autonomy arguments), dozens of substantial conversation were had, and countless positive interactions laid the groundwork for ongoing friendly dialog with members of the secular community.

Comment in Pro-Life Humanists box

Going in to the event, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’d initiated and joined the appearance of Secular Pro-life at the 2012 convention, but our experience there had been so fraught with opposition, push-back and unfounded accusations that we were secretly religious that SPL opted to not return to the atheist convention for the foreseeable future.  Not easily deterred by opposition (or perhaps a glutton for punishment), I’ve held strongly to the conviction that while pro-life Atheists and Humanists are a minority in the secular community, we are a voice that needs to be heard!  The pre-born deserve advocates who are able to articulate a well-reasoned argument – and who better to bring pro-life arguments into the atheist community than pro-life atheists?   Indeed, who but atheists would have even the slightest hope of being received by a community composed largely of ex-believers and skeptical of anything remotely related to religion?

With the exception of one pro-choice outburst late in the day Saturday (more on that in an upcoming entry), the backlash of 2012, didn’t occur in 2015.  Not that our table was received with open arms – not by a long shot.  But neither were we, as one man supposed “the loneliest table [t]here”.  In fact, a steady flow of attendees came by our table hour after hour after hour.  Most came with a spirit of curiosity and many lingered to ponder and discuss the case I was making.  Some were so intrigued and thought-provoked by the secular arguments that they returned repeatedly throughout the weekend to ask additional questions and make further challenges to my convictions.  At times, some of “my regulars”, including those running tables near mine, would stand around debating each other and finding the flaws in one another’s pro-choice arguments (be they related to bodily autonomy or human status of fetus), while I sat back and watched in amusement as they dismantled one another’s claims for me:

“Of course it’s  human, it has human parents!” ….  “Her right to do what she wants with her own body ends when there’s another body involved!”…


Thwart!  Don't Abort!  Free Pro-Life Condoms!

Thwart! Don’t Abort! Free Pro-Life Condoms!

By far what served as the biggest bridge-builder was our give-away of pro-life condoms.   With our slogan “Thwart! Don’t Abort!” (brought to life visually thanks to member Ron Cole) we spoke a message of prevention and education which resonated with passersby and spoke volumes to our community’s non-religious approach to abortion:

“At least y’all consistent!”

“Y’all make more sense than the pro-life groups I usually see!”

“I love that you have a more humanitarian and broad-minded approach to your pro-life activism!”

“Thanks for being part of the solution!  I feel like I could talk and work with you guys at least somewhat because we all want to reduce abortions.”

Indeed, Pro-Life Humanists believes that finding common ground is key to fostering a world in which abortion becomes unnecessary and unthinkable.  Pro-choicers aren’t the enemy – abortion is.  The need for contraception and comprehensive sexual education, while at odds with our Catholic pro-life allies, simply makes sense to our pro-choice atheist peers as well as to most of us.   We all want to see a better and more equal world for women!

Thwart Don't Abort!

Did we have any mind changes over the course of the weekend?   If you mean on-the-spot pro-choice to pro-life conversions, then no.  On the other hand, hundreds of atheists have had the opportunity to meet (many for the first time) a pro-lifer who was able to articulate a secular case against abortion, fully devoid of religion and grounded in reason.   Most of my dialogs ended with smiles and either a hand-shake or a hug and for the many who had long written off pro-lifers as “religious kooks”, I consider that to be as great a mind-change as any!

Twitter screen grab: had a great dialog with pro-life humanists group

Many people signed up for our email list, including several pro-lifers who were thrilled to have a representation!  Three times as many pro-choicers than pro-lifers signed up, eager to continue in dialog and receive ongoing information from us.  Thanks to the in-person connections I made this weekend, I’ve also received a number of invitations for podcast interviews and guest-blogging in the near future, as well as invitations to have a table at three or four more upcoming atheist conventions (that’s where you come in – we can only bring a pro-life voice to these sorts of events if your contributions make that possible!  Table fees range from $250 – $400, not including flights/general conference admission.)

Check the blog tomorrow for a small handful of pictures of some of the awesome pro-choice and pro-life people I connected with in Memphis, and with whom a bridge to friendship and dialog has now been built.  Evidence shows that people are more likely to accept the ideology of their friends, and if that be the case, it’s one more point in favour of making face-to-face and hug to hug connections at conventions!  It’s a lot harder to vilify someone you’ve laughed, sang, and swapped smiles/hugs with – even if you’re currently ideological opponents!   🙂

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Baby Noah Saved From Abortion; Born This Week!

Baby Noah Saved From Abortion; Born This Week!

Posted by on Mar 6, 2015 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 14 comments

I do public pro-life activism on a regular basis, but I’ll readily admit that I don’t always enjoy it.  The sun irritates my migraine-prone eyes and head, cigarette smoke, as well as perfumes and car fumes, routinely burn my lungs and make me nauseous, and by the time our activism is over, my feet and legs are sore from standing in one spot. If all that weren’t bad enough, I really can’t say I enjoy having complete strangers yell and curse at me for a couple of hours as I try to engage passersby in productive discussion about their beliefs on abortion.

I wasn’t feeling particularly effective one late August afternoon while I was engaged in a Choice Chain display as part of the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s 2014 Crash Course – a week of intensive training. While I do enjoy a healthy discussion/debate and had really wanted to practice my newly acquired pro-life arguments, the crowd we faced that humid afternoon was hostile, and I found myself longing for the end of our activism time, and for our return to the shade and air conditioning of the training locale. No one in the downtown square that day seemed to want to talk about the morality of abortion itself – they all seemed more upset that children might see our abortion images than they did about the fact that 300 Canadian children per day were being dismembered and killed by the procedure shown in the images.  I felt like I was wasting my time and giving myself a headache for nothing.

As we neared the end of our activism time, I stifled my annoyance over the lack of productive dialog as I explained to someone for what seemed like the countless time that if there was a way to show these images only to adults and to women considering abortion, we would do that. It is indeed unfortunate, I told the gentleman before me, that some parents might be called upon to explain to their young children that while they are loved and safe, other babies aren’t being protected, and the people showing the pictures are trying to help save those babies. Undoubtedly, some parents’ frustration has less to do with the kids’ reaction (the younger of whom are more confused than disturbed) and more with their own guilt at having to justify their legal support of what their older children can recognize as an act of violence against babies.  Nevertheless, lives take precedence over feelings. “We’re here in the public square because a lot of people don’t know what abortion does to pre-born children.” I told the man. “Any one of these women walking by our signs today might be pregnant and may reconsider doing this to their pre-born as a result of seeing these pictures.

Yeah, and I’m one of them.” said a soft-spoken woman who’d been listening in, unnoticed by me until then. The angry man I’d been engaging vanished into thin air as I took the young woman aside and encouraged her to share her story. She was in an abusive relationship and her partner was threatening to kill her if she didn’t “get rid of it”. She was afraid to leave him or to report the abuse to the police for fear of getting him in trouble – a classic abortion advocate’s case study of a woman who “needed” an abortion because of circumstances unsuitable to the presence of a child. Instead she’d found in us a group of people who wanted to help her kill her difficult circumstances rather than kill her child (and possibly remain in her detrimental circumstances with a bad-news man).  She’d been unable to leave the abusive relationship for herself, but once I helped her realize that she was a mother and now had a duty to her child as well as to herself, she found the courage to leave the abuser and to choose life for her child.

Over the past 7 months I’ve stayed in regular contact with the young woman, doing what I could to ensure she was in a safe place and had access to the support and resources she needed.   Yesterday  morning I awoke to a delightful text message with a picture of baby Noah, born March 4, 2015.  It was followed some time later by another text: “Very tired… In pain but so happy I had him! I am in love now with him!

Baby Noah, saved from abortion.  Born March 4, 2015.  A result of Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Choice Chain

Baby Noah, saved from abortion. Born March 4, 2015.

From now on, when people tell me that public displays of abortion victims accomplish nothing, or that we should keep our signs out of the public square, I will show them this picture of Noah –  a bundle of beauty who had been days away from becoming dismembered medical waste when his mother saw images of abortion victims and allowed him to keep living.  And when I’m tempted to stay home from pro-life activism because I don’t think I’m at my physical and mental best, I will recall that August day and realize that the pictures speak for themselves –  if we simply dare stand up and use them.  We don’t need to always enjoy public pro-life activism, but for the sake of all the Noahs and their mothers out there, we do need to do it!

ALSO READ:  I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WAS ALMOST ABORTED (When I meet Noah & get to hold him for the first time)

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March for Life Memories

March for Life Memories

Posted by on Jun 29, 2014 in Pro-Life Atheists in Media, Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 3 comments

If you’re not following us on Facebook (and if you’re not, you totally should be!) you may have missed the link to this friendly news coverage and its mainstream media shout out to Pro-Life Humanists and to secular pro-lifers in general.  The video is well worth your time, I assure you! Watch as Sun News journalist Faith Goldy takes a humorous bite out of the pro-choice protesters who’d gathered to oppose the March, and hear her share her personal thoughts, as someone who used to be pro-choice:

Click to view video of Faith Goldy, Sun News Media coverage of March for Life 2014

Click to view video of Sun New Media coverage of March for Life Pro-choice Protesters; Faith Goldy Reporting

Notwithstanding the overt religiosity of the March for Life (which I’ve previously written about) Pro-Life Humanists had a great time at the 2014 March for Life, which took place in May. We met a surprising number of kids from Catholic schools who admitted they were secretly atheist, despite their Catholic school attendance – and that many of their peers were atheist as well. We were able to assure them that as they opt to come out as atheists in the future, they can still be pro-life, and that we’ll be there to welcome them as they leave the fold.

Overall, the theists at the March responded courteously to our atheist presence, with a few people even making generous donations toward our pro-life outreaches to the atheist community. Many others, on the other hand, were far more skeptical and made no secret of their disgust or disappointment with our atheism. Upon reading our fundraising handout, one woman protested: “But why do you have to bring your non-belief into this? Why can’t you just be pro-life without emphasizing that you don’t believe in God?” I explained to her that while it would be nice to just be able to talk about the preborn and the social issues that play into abortion, that we had to emphasize non-belief precisely because pro-life has been intermingled with religious belief for so long! By establishing ourselves as a pro-life group by atheists for atheists, we are allowing the debate to clearly be about abortion rather than about religion. We’re not at pro-life events to attack the faith of our religious pro-life allies, but neither do we wish to humour and entertain those beliefs when the emphasis ought to be on the preborn.

It’s unfortunate that many pro-lifers do not seem able to separate religion from pro-life action. “How about instead of bringing pro-life arguments to atheists, I talk to you about why you shouldn’t be an atheist?” one man offered. When I smiled and politely declined the offer, the man shrugged, crumpled up our flyer and tossed it into the trashcan – right before my eyes! I guess for some people there’s no real point in saving atheist babies from immediate abortion if they can’t save atheist parents’ souls from future hell. Forget about bringing pro-life arguments to atheists, I guess. Let atheists become theists and only then will they be welcome as pro-life activists. 😛

But we take hope. People are leaving religion and embracing atheism in droves – and as they start to ask questions, Pro-Life Humanists will be there to help our pro-life peers find hope and life outside the church. And once they’re out, we’ll still be there to ensure that they don’t leave behind the Religious Koolaid only to swallow the Pro-Choice Koolaid. Nearly 1 in 5 non religious individuals identifies as pro-life, and with our efforts, those numbers will only continue to grow!

Pro-Life Humanists and atheists march with nun in foreground

Pro-Life Humanists at March for Life 2014

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Update: Thanks for Your Support!

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 0 comments

Thanks to those of you who donated last weekend and helped ensure our group’s web-site will continue well into the future! We now have hosting until the fall of 2016, which gives us three years to turn this group into a thriving base of pro-life atheist & humanists!

Those of you who were not able to donate this time around (yes, I know who you guys are but I love you anyway), you’ll soon have another opportunity. We’ll be raising funds to get at least two pro-life atheists and an information table to the 2014 American Atheist Convention in Utah, and a couple more conferences following. Pro-Life atheists began to come out of the closet in 2012 when I partnered with Secular Pro-Life to have a table at the American Atheist Convention/Reason Rally that year, and Pro-Life Humanists plans to continue this vital front-lines work. I hope you’ll partner with us to ensure we can continue to reach our atheist peers with the pro-life message.

Yours most truly,
Your trusty wizard & Executive Director, Kristine Kruszelnicki

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Urgent Update: Hosting Funds Needed Tonight

Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Pro-Life Humanists - Updates | 1 comment

Why trick when we can treat? We’ve got a little over six hours to pool together our resources to keep the Pro-Life Humanist website around well into the future! Climb on board!

It’s time to update the URL and hosting for this awesome and soon-to-be-even-more-awesome website. In the coming year, big plans are in the works that include more appearances of pro-life atheists at atheist events and conferences! If you’re loving the thought of that, you can ensure it continues. Your help is desperately needed by midnight tonight.

I just called our hosting company and they’re offering a killer Halloween special – for one day only. For $142 dollars we can renew our site and hosting privileges for not one but THREE years! That’s THREE whole years to watch this group turn into a small endeavor to an international and thriving group on the forefront of secular organizations!

Please help me make this happen and ensure this website doesn’t flounder. We’re all poor, I know, but 10 people making a $15 donation can make this happen! Any excess will go toward fund-raising for our trip to the American Atheist Convention.

I’m working on setting up a better donor system, but for now the PLH Paypal account is still in my name and you can email the funds to me at AAAemail

All donors will get a copy of the receipt and a very large thank you! Let’s make this the best Halloween treat we can give ourselves as pro-life secularists!

Thanks ever so much,
Kristine Kruszelnicki, Executive Director (and a number of other rolesm lol) of Pro-Life Humanists

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